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Monday 24 July

Six of us arrived, on a Morning more suited to Autumn than Summer. One of the group was a new Member, who was initiated into the secret machinations of the Monday Group After receiving permission from Frog Life to line the Middle Pond in the Nature Park, all but one went there to size up the job, discuss some logistics and then trim around the Paths where the growth was hindering walkers.  It was noted that the growth, particularly Cow Parsley, in the Woodland Meadow was higher than the Saplings. One handyman remained at the Barn and gave our Hand Tools

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Monday 3 July

Eight members arrived today and two tasks were identified. Three of us went to Beauchief Abbey Lane to lightly trim the hedge by the footpath. It was so overgrown that it was forcing people into the road, particularly pushchair and wheelchair users. The other five went to the top of Parkbank Wood to repair three of the five steps that had rotted away. On our return we gave two of Tony’s Steps some TLC, but noticed more was needed.

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Monday 26 June

All ten that arrived today, went to the Driving Range path and carried on the excellent work that had started last week. With the numbers today, we were able to make both sides passable.  A few walkers commented that they had avoided the top path due to the overgrowth and thanked us for the effort. 

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Monday 19 June

Eight of the Group went up to the Nature Park, where dock pulling in the meadow was the order of the day. We reminded ourselves of the difference between sorrel and dock before commencing. A small group, prior to joining the dock pulling went to the Orchard, with a planting diagram, and we identified the surviving fruit trees and observed their current state. Happy to say most are looking healthy, but very few had fruit on them and those that had were very sparse.  Two grim reapers set to work on the Sisyphean task of improving the accessibility of the path

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Monday 12 June

On the hottest Monday morning so far, eleven of us met at the Barn, and split into three groups to go our separate ways:  Four went to Stone Cross Field. The new whips were heavily covered by grass and weeds, in most cases higher than the whips themselves. We cut around, allowing them better access to sunlight and rain.  We all commented how well they were doing.   Three dry-stone wallers completed the repairs on the Chapter House Wall (Photo)  A group of four did several jobs in Parkbank Wood. On the path along the top of the wood going

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Monday 5 June

This was a warm spring morning, with eleven turning out, and we decided to go up to the Nature Park. A group went into the Orchard and cleared around the fruit trees and pulled thistles, while another group cleared the edges of the path going clockwise around the Park. At 11.00 am, we had prearranged that John & Judith would join us for Coffee at Ray’s seat where we had a convivial time with them (Photo). Ray’s seat has rotted away and was in a dangerous state. We removed the plaque and took off the seat, which needs replacing. The

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Monday 22 May

Ten members turned up at the Barn, and whilst one went to attend to a gate at the Abbey, the remainder went to the orchard where grass was cut away from where it was shading out the trees and saplings.  We also cleared round about the small trees which we hope will provide a supply of young trees for other parts of our area.

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Monday 15 May

Eight members turned up at the Barn on a delightful May morning.  One went off to continue litter picking and the remainder went to the Abbey as we had been asked to remove some of the ivy growing up the tower and try to clear branches from the yew tree that was partially obscuring the stained glass window.  These tasks were achieved and in addition the gutter was cleared of innumerable sycamore seedlings. Work continued on the Chapter House as shown in the photo.

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Monday 24 April

Six members met up with Sheffield City Council workers at Stone Cross field to assist with mulching the saplings planted last year.  Three dumper truckloads of wood chip eventually appeared which we distributed across all the saplings and even had some spare to spread around the rather muddy path  by the litter bin. Five members met at the Barn and went to work on the Cobble Path clearing mud and compacted leaves.

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Monday 3 April

This morning was spent in surveying the area for tasks that needed attention. Most of our patch was covered by two teams. The grills on the middle pond were also cleared of debris; and one of the group picked litter from around the ponds and Beauchief Drive . The following tasks were identified: Lower path in Park Bank Wood Revetment replacement on the path past Tony’s Steps – approx.. 12m length with 10 stobs. Upper path from Bocking Lane end Revetment required near where paths meet before going down steps to road – approx. 3m and 3 stobs. Revetment required

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Monday 27 March

Six people turned up at the Barn and three at the top of Beauchief Drive. The Barn Group went to the top path in Park Bank Wood to move some of the revetment installed last week to route the path the correct side of the tree.  Stone rubble was also added on the path where it was uneven. A step on the Long Steps was replaced and blockages on the pond near the Abbey were cleared. The three members at Beauchief Drive cleared a fallen tree that was overhanging the saplings installed there.  We then moved to the heather patch where

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