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Monday 6 November

The ten workers that arrived today were treated to a beautiful clear morning with the Trees displaying their Autumn colours. We then split into small groups to work on the following tasks A litter pick of the immediate area was undertaken, but the pickings were slim after the recent bad weather; hopefully a good sign. Beauchief Abbey Lane was cleared of leaves & mud by a large group of us. A few cut a hedge, mostly Blackthorn, that had overgrown and was forcing people to walk on the grass area rather than the path, in the area on the Round

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Monday 30 October

Seven members of the group met on an inclement morning. Two completed earlier work on the stone wall in Gulley’s Meadow, in spite of running out of cope stones. They improvised by double-coping in the middle. Two others cleared the conduits from the middle pond to the lower pond whilst the remaining three began work on replacing two rotten steps on the path up to the Deer Park before being joined by the pond clearers. The Holly Path was also cleared of overhanging branches. After coffee, the group cut back brambles and grass and removed collars and stakes from more

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Monday 23 October

Gulley’s Wood Meadow has been mowed by Abbeydale Golf Club,  and there is no further remedial work required by us. Ten of us turned out today with two going to Gulley’s Wood Meadow and the rest to the Nature Park : In Gulleys Wood Meadow the damaged wall was rebuilt to just short of coverband level and additional vandal (?) damage 10 yards further on (pushing over the cope stones – though thankfully, not this time, demolishing the rest of the wall)  repaired. In the Nature Park, we finished the bench , by putting the actual seat on it.  A

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Monday 16 October

A cold but bright and sunny morning saw ten members meet at the Barn, and the following tasks were identified and carried out. We carried on the pruning of the trees behind the Barn; some were overhanging the delicate Roof. Three members went to the dry-stone wall along the edge of Gulley’s Meadow which had fallen over either by natural causes or from people who wanted access into the wood.  Quite a bit of stone had to be retrieved from the wood before reconstruction could start.  We did manage to get a few stones into position but it will take a

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Monday 9 October

With eleven members today we were able to accomplish four tasks. Five of us stayed in the Barn area and at the request of the  Golf Course Groundsman pruned some tree branches at the back of the Barn that were overhanging the Drive and being hit by lorries; and cleared a ditch below the Middle Pond to allow free flowing water. Two members went to the Nettle Patch and worked  along the path at the back of the Hall, trimming overhead branches, concentrating on the area of the Nettle Patch as it really was quite narrow. Two others cut back vegetation encroaching

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Monday 2 October

Eleven members turned up for work on this mild October morning. Four went to the Bradway Rec. to complete the task on the stone bench. Six went to the orchard to remove the grass following Tom’s cutting of the grass.  Whilst there we also trimmed back the brambles to the hedge-line by the allotment access path and also trimmed around the saplings at the tree nursery.  There are many healthy tree specimens growing there and fighting against the weed growth.One member resumed his litter picking duties but joined the orchard party for coffee.

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Monday 25 September

Eleven members met at Abbeydale Hamlet to hear a talk about the site by Bob Hawkins who used to work there.  We learnt something about its history and saw some of the tilt hammers, unfortunately not currently in operation (the lake is empty).  Whilst there we had a minor interruption as a bat flew around the rafters. 

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Monday 18 September

Given the torrential rain overnight, the thought was to cancel today, but the skies brightened and we had [mostly] a clear dry morning, for the fourteen that turned out. As we expected rain later, eight remained in the Abbey area and trimmed the hedge between the Abbey Ponds and the one on Beauchief Abbey Lane. Six bench-builders carried on building the new seat on the Bradway Rec. and managed to get the bench to about coverband level, and mortar in the heartings before a torrential downpour.

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Monday 11 September

Two jobs were identified for the thirteen that turned out today. The larger group went to Gulley’s Meadow and cleared the Blackthorn suckers from around the edge. We hope to arrange for the Meadow to be mowed and these suckers would snag in the blades. A smaller group of five went up to Bradway and carried on with the stone seat, building the dry stone wall bench structure atop the pre prepared foundations.

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Monday 4 September

Heather patch before weeding Heather patch after weeding Well, is it autumn or is it summer? Today was like a midsummer morning with the temperature already in the 20s, but twelve of us still turned up. With one staying behind to litter pick, the rest went up to the Bradway Recreation Ground. The heather patch was cleared of the seasons’ growth of weeds, grass and associated plants. To begin with, it was difficult to see any heather at all, but by the time we had finished 22 thriving plants had been exposed. Last year’s count was 26, but the survivors

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Monday 21 August

Working in Carol’s Copse Twelve of us met today with nine going over to Carol’s Copse, where we attacked the encroaching brambles, cleared around the whips and  planted a young hazel in one of the gaps. Two of this Group , initially, took a walk along the Sheaf path to go Balsam bashing, and reported that 449 additional plants were pulled.  The other three went to Little Wood Bank, to begin the build of the replacement bench. A discussion on the merits of lime mortar, as opposed to ordinary cement, resulted in a consensus that, on balance, ordinary gypsum cement would

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Monday 7 August

Nine of us mustered today with eight going to Carole’s Copse, while one remained to litter pick along the Drive The Trees we planted in the Copse are looking very healthy but the bracken had invaded the area, as we expected. We hand pulled it and cleared the area , releasing many small whips to the sunlight. We agreed this area needs two visits per year, which we will do in 2024.

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