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Monday 26 February

On a cold dry Morning, eleven members arrived for work. Two went to the ‘Westwick Steps’ and repaired two of them. The others went to the bottom pond in the Nature Park, to carry out the work identified by Angus, during his recent visit. We chopped down the self sets on the bank side and created a ‘rustic barrier’ to deter dogs from going in. The We still have some work to do but could do with a steer from he Council.

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Monday 12 February

Nine members assembled today with two separate tasks Six of us met one of the Rangers on Little Wood Bank, and began clearing Holly. We used hand tools while he was very industrious with a chainsaw. The cuttings will be chipped next week. At Stone Cross Field, three of us levelled and mortared the cover band ready for the top slab then took a template to deliver to the quarry so they can cut it appropriately.

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Sowing Yellow Rattle Seed

Three of our members went up to the Nature Park in mid November to sow the Yellow Rattle Seed which had been collected previously from Gulleys Wood Meadow where it is abundant. Areas of grass were raked to expose the soil beneath, then seeds scattered and tamped down. We managed to rake and sow lots of areas across the meadow and hopefully the seeds will germinate successfully. Yellow Rattle parasitizes the roots of many plant species, especially grasses, and limits their growth. Yellow Rattle has been introduced in this location because some of the plants in the meadow are so

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Monday 6 November

The ten workers that arrived today were treated to a beautiful clear morning with the Trees displaying their Autumn colours. We then split into small groups to work on the following tasks A litter pick of the immediate area was undertaken, but the pickings were slim after the recent bad weather; hopefully a good sign. Beauchief Abbey Lane was cleared of leaves & mud by a large group of us. A few cut a hedge, mostly Blackthorn, that had overgrown and was forcing people to walk on the grass area rather than the path, in the area on the Round

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Stone bench in memory of Tony Smith

The following small article was published by Greener Greenhill, built by members of the Monday Group to place a former wooden one.  A further article Appeared in the November issue of Active 8 magazine, and is reproduced below.

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Monday 23 October

Gulley’s Wood Meadow has been mowed by Abbeydale Golf Club,  and there is no further remedial work required by us. Ten of us turned out today with two going to Gulley’s Wood Meadow and the rest to the Nature Park : In Gulleys Wood Meadow the damaged wall was rebuilt to just short of coverband level and additional vandal (?) damage 10 yards further on (pushing over the cope stones – though thankfully, not this time, demolishing the rest of the wall)  repaired. In the Nature Park, we finished the bench , by putting the actual seat on it.  A

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Removal of alien species 2023, Saturday 22nd July

On a decidedly wet and seriously muddy Saturday morning, four intrepid Balsam bashers – two from the Monday Group and two regulars from a local Rotary Club – met at Dore and Totley Station for our annual assault on the alien species that attempt to infiltrate Ladies Spring Wood along the banks of the River Sheaf. A recce during the previous week had shown a smaller number of Himalayan Balsam plants than expected, at various stages of development, with some already well into flowering. Unfortunately, a small colony was also spotted below the weir, an area that had previously had

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Sorby Natural History Society of Sheffield survey of Shene Field 

A good turnout of Sorby members, under the leadership of Jim Horsfall, arrived at 2.00 pm on Sunday 9th July to carry out the survey. They were met at the gate by the BEG Chair who passed on a copy of the results of a BEG botanical survey carried out some years ago. Unfortunately the gate had not been unlocked, contrary to what they had been told, so everyone had to climb over the gate. There was an excellent view of a buzzard flying fairly low above. On the positive side we were emailed a draft copy of most of

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Visit to Beauchief Hall Gardens: Wednesday 5 July 2023

There was a very good turnout for our evening visit to Beauchief Hall Gardens. We assembled in the fountain garden at 7.00 pm and were warmly welcomed by the Hall’s residents, Hora and Amin. Accompanied by Hora, we enjoyed touring the various parts of the very large garden which contained lovely flower beds and extensive lawns. Several of us had the opportunity of hand feeding the deer which came to the fence and quickly gobbled up a whole bowl of large slices of melon peel. It was lovely to see the fawns in the distance.  Hora and Amin had set

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Monday 3 April

This morning was spent in surveying the area for tasks that needed attention. Most of our patch was covered by two teams. The grills on the middle pond were also cleared of debris; and one of the group picked litter from around the ponds and Beauchief Drive . The following tasks were identified: Lower path in Park Bank Wood Revetment replacement on the path past Tony’s Steps – approx.. 12m length with 10 stobs. Upper path from Bocking Lane end Revetment required near where paths meet before going down steps to road – approx. 3m and 3 stobs. Revetment required

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Monday 27 March

Six people turned up at the Barn and three at the top of Beauchief Drive. The Barn Group went to the top path in Park Bank Wood to move some of the revetment installed last week to route the path the correct side of the tree.  Stone rubble was also added on the path where it was uneven. A step on the Long Steps was replaced and blockages on the pond near the Abbey were cleared. The three members at Beauchief Drive cleared a fallen tree that was overhanging the saplings installed there.  We then moved to the heather patch where

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