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Removal of alien species 2023, Saturday 22nd July

On a decidedly wet and seriously muddy Saturday morning, four intrepid Balsam bashers – two from the Monday Group and two regulars from a local Rotary Club – met at Dore and Totley Station for our annual assault on the alien species that attempt to infiltrate Ladies Spring Wood along the banks of the River Sheaf. A recce during the previous week had shown a smaller number of Himalayan Balsam plants than expected, at various stages of development, with some already well into flowering. Unfortunately, a small colony was also spotted below the weir, an area that had previously had

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Sorby Natural History Society of Sheffield survey of Shene Field 

A good turnout of Sorby members, under the leadership of Jim Horsfall, arrived at 2.00 pm on Sunday 9th July to carry out the survey. They were met at the gate by the BEG Chair who passed on a copy of the results of a BEG botanical survey carried out some years ago. Unfortunately the gate had not been unlocked, contrary to what they had been told, so everyone had to climb over the gate. There was an excellent view of a buzzard flying fairly low above. On the positive side we were emailed a draft copy of most of

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Visit to Beauchief Hall Gardens: Wednesday 5 July 2023

There was a very good turnout for our evening visit to Beauchief Hall Gardens. We assembled in the fountain garden at 7.00 pm and were warmly welcomed by the Hall’s residents, Hora and Amin. Accompanied by Hora, we enjoyed touring the various parts of the very large garden which contained lovely flower beds and extensive lawns. Several of us had the opportunity of hand feeding the deer which came to the fence and quickly gobbled up a whole bowl of large slices of melon peel. It was lovely to see the fawns in the distance.  Hora and Amin had set

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Monday 3 April

This morning was spent in surveying the area for tasks that needed attention. Most of our patch was covered by two teams. The grills on the middle pond were also cleared of debris; and one of the group picked litter from around the ponds and Beauchief Drive . The following tasks were identified: Lower path in Park Bank Wood Revetment replacement on the path past Tony’s Steps – approx.. 12m length with 10 stobs. Upper path from Bocking Lane end Revetment required near where paths meet before going down steps to road – approx. 3m and 3 stobs. Revetment required

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Monday 27 March

Six people turned up at the Barn and three at the top of Beauchief Drive. The Barn Group went to the top path in Park Bank Wood to move some of the revetment installed last week to route the path the correct side of the tree.  Stone rubble was also added on the path where it was uneven. A step on the Long Steps was replaced and blockages on the pond near the Abbey were cleared. The three members at Beauchief Drive cleared a fallen tree that was overhanging the saplings installed there.  We then moved to the heather patch where

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Monday 27 February

Ten members were actively occupied in cutting holly this morning.  One was working hard in Hutcliffe Wood on his own for a variety of reasons, and the remaining nine (including a new member, Joan) went to Little Wood Bank to work on holly clearance on the last week before the start of the nesting season.  

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Monday 20 February

Twelve members turned up at the Barn this morning.  Three headed to Hutcliffe Wood and the remaining nine ascended Beauchief Drive to Little Wood Bank.  In both cases we were removing the denser patches of holly to allow the standards to obtain more light and moisture for their growth.  It should also help the bluebells which were just starting to appear through the leaf litter. 

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Monday 13 February

Fourteen members turned up for work today. Three went to Hutcliffe Wood to clear a fallen oak which was blocking the upwards path at the Abbey Lane end then on to clear holly to create more light for bluebells etc near the Monkey Bumps. Six members cut back holly in Little Wood Bank, having received permission from the Council. The tall trees up from the middle of the bottom path were targeted to allow more light to reach the ground.  Leaves were also raked from the adjoining section of the bottom path. Afterwards there was an inspection of the path down to Twentywell

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Monday 6 February

Eight members turned up at the Barn on a glorious February day where we met with Nathan McWhinnie from SCC who wanted to find out more about what we do. Two members headed off to Hutcliffe Wood as a starter before hoping to cover the remaining woodland areas. A full report about what was agreed will be available in due course. The remaining six went up Beauchief Drive to where the surfacing material had been transported. From there we made some improvements to the path in Old Park Wood and cleared the steps of leaves before concentrating on the path

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Monday 23 January

Ten members turned up at the Barn on a cold but sunny morning. Two went to the drystone wall near Fred’s Seat and duly worked on the capping stones and upper part of the wall before joining up with the rest of the group after coffee. The main party went to the Gorse Patch on Little Wood Bank where we removed the saplings remaining in the area recently trimmed of gorse. Some weeding was done around the heathers that were planted there recently but the soil was frozen so it was difficult to clear properly. Having cleared all the saplings that needed treating

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Monday 28 November 2022
Planting of Commemorative Tree during National Tree Week

Earlier in 2022 It was decided that Beauchief Environment Group should plant a tree to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth IISadly she passed away during her jubilee year.The Council has donated the tree, a Field Maple, which will be brought along and planted by the Council Forestry Team with the assistance of members of the Monday Working Group. Meet: 11.00 am at the Beauchief Nature Park meadow to celebrate the event. 

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