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After almost three months of lockdown the Monday Working Group has now recommended working mornings from Monday 28 March (not Easter Monday!) under the new Covid-19 restrictions. Lockdowns imposed in November, and again in early January, had a considerable impact on the work BEG has been able to do, but once again a full range of repair and maintenance activities is now possible.

Up until 29th March no footpath or other work could be undertaken. There has been unprecedented use of the footpaths in our area resulting in some becoming very muddy and damaged in places. Also the need to keep socially distanced has led to trampling of the ground flora adjacent to the paths. A survey of all the footpaths in our area has been undertaken and any remedial work needed was identified. You will see from the Monday group reports that work on footpaths and other tasks has resumed.

Committee Meeting are now held at about six-week intervals on Zoom. the next meeting will be held on Wednesday 30 July. Please use the telephone numbers in the right hand column if there is an urgent local environmental issue you would like to have discussed as this can be handled by email. If you are interested in joining the Committee you could telephone these numbers as well..

Under normal circumstances the Monday Working Group meets every Monday morning (weather and public holidays permitting) at 9.30 am to undertake the majority of BEG’s planned practical work throughout the year. They usually meet at the Barns by Beauchief Abbey, and anyone wishing to join in can simply turn up there. Everyone is welcome, and the regulars will be glad to help you. Anyone not a member of BEG is also welcome on an ad hoc basis, but will be encouraged to join in order to be included in the Group’s insurance and receive the regular newsletters. If you are interested in joining this regular session please telephone 0114 236 9876 for details of the work planned on the following Monday.

Monday 20 February

Twelve members turned up at the Barn this morning.  Three headed to Hutcliffe Wood and the remaining nine ascended Beauchief Drive to Little Wood Bank.  In both cases we were removing the denser patches of holly to allow the standards to obtain more light and moisture for their growth.  It should also help the bluebells which were just starting to appear through the leaf

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Monday 13 February

Fourteen members turned up for work today. Three went to Hutcliffe Wood to clear a fallen oak which was blocking the upwards path at the Abbey Lane end then on to clear holly to create more light for bluebells etc near the Monkey Bumps. Six members cut back holly in Little Wood Bank, having received permission from the Council. The tall trees up from the

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Monday 6 February

Eight members turned up at the Barn on a glorious February day where we met with Nathan McWhinnie from SCC who wanted to find out more about what we do. Two members headed off to Hutcliffe Wood as a starter before hoping to cover the remaining woodland areas. A full report about what was agreed will be available in due course. The remaining six

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Monday 30 January

Twelve members turned up at the Barn this morning – a breezy but relatively mild and sunny January morning. One went to collect litter, starting around the ponds Three headed to the orchard where they were installing the bench for a new seat there. Unfortunately, the railway sleepers which formed the support for the bench top proved rather harder than expected which bent nails

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Monday 23 January

Ten members turned up at the Barn on a cold but sunny morning. Two went to the drystone wall near Fred’s Seat and duly worked on the capping stones and upper part of the wall before joining up with the rest of the group after coffee. The main party went to the Gorse Patch on Little Wood Bank where we removed the saplings remaining in the

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Monday 16 January

Nine members turned up at the Barn on a chilly morning.  Four headed to the path at the back of the Hall for resurfacing work and the remaining five started scraping and clearing the path from the Holly Path as far as Fred’s Seat.  Coffee was taken there by which time, first, soft hail and then snowflakes, started falling. After coffee efforts were made

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Monday 19 December

Monday Working Group share Christmas goodies at coffee (mulled wine!) break On the last working day of 2022 fifteen members turned up at Little Wood Bank to have our annual burn of the gorse that had previously been cut.  Luckily the weather had turned mild and the wind had got up so the whole of the cut gorse was burnt leaving a large mound

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Monday 5 December

Eleven members turned up for work this morning. Five went to the gorse patch on Little Wood Bank to clear more of the oldest gorse as part of its annual cull. This will be burnt on the 19th as part of our Christmas celebration.  It was quite hard going due to the slope of the ground and the stacks of cuttings to navigate. However,

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Monday 28 November

Thirteen active Monday Group members turned out today, but many more arrived for the planting of Queen Elizabeth ‘s Commemorative Tree , in the Nature Park.  The Group also put the uprights in, for a Bench in the Orchard, the horizontal to be attached later. 

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Monday 28 November 2022
Planting of Commemorative Tree during National Tree Week

Earlier in 2022 It was decided that Beauchief Environment Group should plant a tree to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth IISadly she passed away during her jubilee year.The Council has donated the tree, a Field Maple, which will be brought along and planted by the Council Forestry Team with the assistance of members of the Monday Working Group. Meet: 11.00 am at the

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Monday 21 November

Despite the absence of several regular workers, fourteen turned up at the Barn on a cool and cloudy November morning. We all, except our litter picker, headed to Little Wood Bank where gorse cutting was commenced ready for the pre-Christmas burn.  Seven worked on this area whilst the remaining six worked on scraping the paths between the former White Steps, the back of the

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Monday 14 November

Twelve of us worked on the path behind the deer field this morning clearing mud, leaves and over hanging growth – then adding several barrow loads of grit.

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Monday 7 November

On a damp Monday morning nine of the group came out to play.  Two went to finish off the drystone wall at Ladies Spring Wood. They moved a huge block from the ground near the Deer Park to make a sturdier cheek end to the first gateway, and finished the cheek ends of the wall they’d been working on for the last couple of

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Autumn Walk – Saturday 29 October 2022

A small group met up at Beauchief Abbey for our walk through the area to take in the colours and atmosphere of autumn. It had rained heavily in the morning and by afternoon it was dry and really quite foggy, but this added a mysterious feel to the landscape. We walked up Beauchief Drive and noticed that a few plants were still flowering along

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Evening Meeting, Greenhill Library, Saturday 8 October 

As we had not been able to have the Annual General Meetings as normal during the last couple of years, it had not been possible to show the photographs of working sessions and wildlife which had been sent in by members. It was decided to have a social get-together to show these photos and enjoy each other’s company. Diana had collated the many photos

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What’s On

Saturday 10 September 2022 Bradway Action Group Fun Day This event will be held again this year. BEG will organise a small display table with membership forms and newsletters.     Saturday 8 October 2022 (may be subject to change) Evening Social Meeting An evening to meet up with other members and see photos of the working mornings, various projects and wildlife which we have not been able to

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