Monday 7 November

On a damp Monday morning nine of the group came out to play. 

Two went to finish off the drystone wall at Ladies Spring Wood. They moved a huge block from the ground near the Deer Park to make a sturdier cheek end to the first gateway, and finished the cheek ends of the wall they’d been working on for the last couple of weeks. They also filled in the stile with all the leftover stone, leaving just a small area missing coping stones that needs completing.

The rest made their way back to Abbeydale Hamlet, and were all surprised at the amount of stone they were able to unearth within the lower parking area. This allowed them to create a low wall virtually all the way round the previously indistinct and messy area. The untidy pile of decomposing wood chippings was taken up and distributed around the newly planted trees as a mulch and banked up behind the new wall.