Monday 5 February

Seventeen of us worked today in 3 distinct Groups.

On a dry but windy day, seven of us met at Stone Cross Field to continue working on the first of the benches around the sycamore tree. We have now reached the coverband stage and are ready to add the top stones once they have been shaped with the stone grinder.

Three people went to Tony’s Steps and replace three steps; two on the long rise of steps and one on the flight of steps across to the right..

A fallen tree, on the top Path behind the Golf Club Car Park, was reported by a walker. We managed to move it so it is easier to negotiate it but a Chainsaw will be needed to remove it.

A group of seven went up to the spring bulb patch at the top of the deer field. Using fallen branches and the odd bunch of Holly we created defined viewing zones for deer-watchers and raised multiple barriers against entry into the vulnerable area where young shoots are already breaking cover. I suspect that we will need to supplement the new barrier at the left end with additional holly, and also with advisory notices in the coming weeks if the barriers are breached.