Monday 23 October

Gulley’s Wood Meadow has been mowed by Abbeydale Golf Club,  and there is no further remedial work required by us.

Ten of us turned out today with two going to Gulley’s Wood Meadow and the rest to the Nature Park :

In Gulleys Wood Meadow the damaged wall was rebuilt to just short of coverband level and additional vandal (?) damage 10 yards further on (pushing over the cope stones – though thankfully, not this time, demolishing the rest of the wall)  repaired.

In the Nature Park, we finished the bench , by putting the actual seat on it.  A party of three circled the Nature Park and cut back vegetation encroaching on the perimeter path in the Park and the cobble path.

At the break we discussed the heavy rain of Friday and noted that the Middle Pond in the Nature Park was still empty; but the Hamlet dam is looking better, as approximately 2/3rds is now filled with water.

The stream on the Golf Course, where we repaired the damage last week, stood up well to the storm.