Monday 19 June

Eight of the Group went up to the Nature Park, where dock pulling in the meadow was the order of the day. We reminded ourselves of the difference between sorrel and dock before commencing.

A small group, prior to joining the dock pulling went to the Orchard, with a planting diagram, and we identified the surviving fruit trees and observed their current state. Happy to say most are looking healthy, but very few had fruit on them and those that had were very sparse. 

Two grim reapers set to work on the Sisyphean task of improving the accessibility of the path around the golf range. This was a curiously satisfying labour, and we managed to the render the Greenhill side of the path at least passable.

On checking the uprights at Ray’s Seat, we could see they were both in a very poor state [contrary to the June 5th Report]; one even had an ant’s nest in it,. They will both require replacing as well as the benchtop.